• Roland

The Magic of Switzerland, or...

Hey there, just thought to share one of our latest shots from the 2020 Switzerland Expedition. Two weeks packed with hiking, train, and cable car rides. Yummy Swiss food. Early mornings, late evenings, blue and golden hours. Processing more of the photography results this morning we were at the same time watching the latest Photoshop 2021 features released yesterday. Quite some exciting stuff. But also food for thought. Here is one.

See the two landscapes below featuring Mount Jungfrau. One of the two now is with a one-click fake sky added by Photoshop. Which one? No need to tell, you will find the same sky again and again, and over again all over the internet in the future. Do we like that? I guess everyone will have an answer to the question.

We do prefer to go back to all these magic places over and over again aiming to capture these signature moments without that Photoshop click. But sure there are places one can't manage to go back frequently and then this new feature might have its place, still, I would at least aim to use an own sky from the same place/area as not every sky can be a match everywhere.

Keeping in mind, we can't stop the future and one day we probably won't have to photograph these magical places anymore but StarTreck style command: Computer, display sunrise in Dubai, December, blue sky with high clouds. ....more pink, please. What do you think?