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Photography addict heading for Arches National Park?

Aktualisiert: 18. Juni 2021

If you are a photography addict like me heading for Arches National Park, don't miss Delicate Arch the most beautiful one of all of them.

Delicate Arch near Moab, Grand County, Utah, United States of America, landmark
Sunrise at Delicate Arch

My last visit was sometime back in late June 2010, following a few weeks in New York later Ithaca for some "Lifelong Learning" at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration I flew down to L.A. for a long-planned trip around the National Parks of the USA. What was planned as a 2-month self-drive roundtrip turned out over 3 months and 15 000+ miles.

Among the first stops was Arches National Park and Delicate Arch was up on my list. Arrived the evening before making sure I was the first one in the parking lot early morning way before sunrise. No cars around I seemed lucky and off I went right away on my little hike.