• Roland

Logan Mat Cutter and other foreign Art Products

Dear Friends and fellow fineART Enthusiasts,

just to share a little purchase experience which in the year we are by now back home in Germany is a rather repeated situation. Considering our fast-growing business we decided to buy a first Matt Cutter and obviously it had to be a Logan. At least until I can get a Gunnar F1 fully automated one or so LOOOL. I've been researching German websites back and forth, including Amazon. Purchased the little entry-level model and returned it minutes after opening the box as it is nothing but flimsy. Going to the next, next larger and more sophisticated model the price, like for the entry-level one was no longer DOUBLE but now almost TRIPLE than what one can buy in the USA.

Long story short, went again looking for USA sources and instead of EUR 1200+, I ordered, including import tax and shipping for EUR 700 only.

EUR 500 saved for a little extra effort and 1-2 days more wait as all the fancy German stores ripping you off don't have stock. Similar situations we faced with quite some equipment by now so we trust German Art suppliers less and less with foreign products. Please feel free to share similar experiences.